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HIS Daycare Childcare

HIS Daycare is committed to offering families a safe and nurturing place for their child to learn play and develop. Our educators are full of passion and love for the children they are entrusted to care for.   In addition,our approach is to become a partner with families in the community.  We will foster an atmosphere of respect and open communication, acceptance to family home styles.

Infant Care

Our infant room welcomes and values every child's developmental phase. We provide an environment where teachers, children, and their families are encouraged to interact and develop strong relationships. We are dedicated  to give each infant individualized personal care. While they are are enjoying time at His Daycare, the children will experience music, exercise and outdoor blanket time, as well as lots of hugs and tickles which help facilitate child development.

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Pre-K Care

Our toddlers are offered a variety of opportunities to explore their world through play.   We believe that children learn as they play.  Skills are developed such as gross motor and fine motor skills.  Children learn social skills while having teacher lead play opportunities, as well as children lead playtime.  Our caregivers are dedicated to helping each child discover there strengths while being in trusting and loving environment.  A parental daily report is given to update each family on meal times, nap times, toilet training and all activities accomplished each day.


HIS Daycare will offer after school childcare for school age children. Our after school program is designed to assist students with homework. As well as provide a light snack.   We are committed to your children enjoying a fun and safe environment until the arrival of parents.

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