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Welcome to our Super Fun and Exciting Blog. We love crafts, ideas and stories that inspire us to be better parents, teachers and overall good people. We hope to awaken your creative side with our craft ideas and show our genuine love for what we do through these pieces. For more fun tips and tidbits, click on our Instagram and Facebook links, then follow!

AND Parents--- GET INVOLVED!! If you have some super cool ideas, thoughts on life etc.., send it to us and you can be featured here as well. 

Thank you again from our whole heart...to be entrusted with your most valuable treasure means the world to us. Children are the future...thank you for letting us be apart of it. 

                                                     - Ruth Buckmire, Director


Power of Protein

July 2018

Hello Parents and Friends! Our very first posting is on the Power of Protein and how important it is on our children’s diet. Let’s first explore the word 'protein'. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, protein is " any of numerous substances that consist of chains of amino acids, contain the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and often sulfur, include many compounds (as enzymes and hormones) essential for life, and are supplied by various foods (as meat, milk, eggs, nuts, and beans)"(1). Protein helps slow down digestion which in turn allows you to feel full longer, so when you add lean meats, eggs and dairy to breakfast, it gives you amazing start to your child’s day(2).

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2: 2018 Nutrition Calendar and Record Keeping System” Copyright © 2018. National CACFP Sponsors Association. All Rights Reserved.

All Time Favorite Healthy Snacks for Summer

August 2018

Summer is a time for fun in the sun! It is a time to put on some sunscreen and take to the parks, pools and other fun activities--typically outside. In the midst of all this fun, sometimes we skip the healthy option when it comes to snacks for a children. And hey! It isn't your fault--so many ice cream shops and fast food restaurants within reach, some times it is hard to resist temptation. But no worries, with help from MomJunction.com, we were able to compile a list of our favorite snacks for children to keep them cool and healthy during these summer months. 

1. 100% Fruit Juices: Not only are you cutting down the harmful byproducts and artificial flavors of other juice, you are also helping to naturally cool down your child's body in the summer heat. Look for juices that are paired with coconut water, watermelon or lemon--they are natural coolants for your body.

2. Frozen yogurt: A fun and healthy alternative to ice cream; paired with a handful of berries, almonds and a splash of dark chocolate syrup and you have a nice, yummy frozen snack to beat the summer heat.

3. Popcorn: Yes, I know---Popcorn is a healthy snack for summer. With less salt and sugars of potato chips, it also pairs well with fun toppings to make it a perfect treat. Need an example? Just toss some all natural shredded cheese and pepper on top and enjoy a fun take on a old classic snack. 

1: Gandhi, Needhi. “6 Simple Summer Recipes For Kids And 10 Healthy Food Options.” MomJunction, 9 Mar. 2017, www.momjunction.com/articles/healthy-easy-summer-recipes-your-kids-will-love_0083315/#gref.

Fall Season Is Here

September 2018

Fall season is so exciting-- especially with the heat of the summer finally going away, it is more comfortable to be physically active outdoors. Hiking on trails, taking a stroll in the zoo and visiting our local orchards and farms provide several ways to get those bodies moving. Children will enjoy the bending, reaching and walking required for these activities---which is allowing them to practice Gross Motor Skills. it also allows for conversation on nature and weather. Parents can ask questions like "How is the weather" "Does it feel hot or cold" and other great questions to get their brains moving along with their body. 

Make sure check out Kidding Around Greenville for more information on great activities to do this fall including great hiking and apple picking spots locally. 

1.Basset, Maria. "Ultimate Guide to U Pick Apple Orchards Around the Upstate". 27 July 2018. https://kiddingaroundgreenville.com/guides/apple-orchards

Pumpkins and Projects

October 2018

We are DONE with summer.   Fall is here and we are super excited about all the amazing crafts that we can do with our children--especially crafts using elements of nature.   We all know it is PUMPKIN season,  what is a great way to use a pumpkin for a craft.   Here are a few favas that we love to do with our toddlers that promote both gross and fine motor skills. 

1. No Carve Pumpkin Decorating: Knives and carving tools are dangerous for children, and it's hard to include them in carving a pumpkin. Solution? Try decorating the pumpkin without carving!! That's right, use pieces from a Mr. Potato Head game, or googly eyes or old hats and scarves from your home. Make funny faces and just have fun. 

2. Pumpkin Seed Counting: What is more fun than decorating a pumpkin? Taking it apart!   That's right parents, carve a pumpkin and clean out the pumpkin seeds.   Place them on the counter and play a counting game with the children.   Not only can they count them, it also makes for a fun snack as well. 

Thanksgiving and Traditions

November 2018

Thanksgiving is one of those really nice "feel good" holidays. Warm vanilla and nutmeg feels the air, family and friends gathered around. Lets not forget the famous college football afternoons and the fun of Black Friday sales. These are all examples of traditions families share at Thanksgiving. 

Creating and maintaining family traditions is a great way to keep family close and parents can use these traditions to teach their children . 

You can have your children help with food preparation by putting already chopped vegetables on a table and letting them sort into bowls. Not only are you creating a fun tradition of helping for the holiday, but you are also incorporating their fine motor skills by using their fingers to pick up different sized veggies and sorting them into bowls. 

Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving friends!!

Healthy Happy Holidays

December 2018

This is our last post of this year and I wanted to thank you all for following us and being in our corner all year long. It has been such a journey and I want to thank you all for all the suggestions and feedback you have given us on these blogs so far! For this last post of this year, i just wanted to share some fun tips to end this year with a positive note. 

We often times as parents use deserts as treats--but they aren't always healthy options. It's okay...we have all done it! So for this holiday, and as the new years comes upon us, lets look at deserts differently. 

Use fruits, cider, yogurt, nuts and cheeses (describing them as deserts) as a part of your normal meals. You will help change their thoughts and tastebuds towards deserts.

Have a Happy Holiday Season Everyone! And make sure you incorporate some HEALTHY snacks friends and family!!

1: 2018 Nutrition Calendar and Record Keeping System” Copyright © 2018. National CACFP Sponsors Association. All Rights Reserved.

Community Matters

January 2019

It is so important to allow our children to have a positive attitude toward our community helpers. Teaching children to respect and think of our doctors, police officers, fire fighters, farmers etc., as our FRIENDS will help to improve how they view these figures in their lives as they grow. So how do we foster these ideals for our children? 

Tip 1: All Hands on Deck- Take a trip to the grocery store to watch the clerk stock groceries, go to the library, see if you can tour the fire station etc. Give your child a hands on experience with community helpers to see how and what they do to help us in our community. 

Tip 2: Be The Example- Understand that children learn by example. Use positive language when talking about community helpers. When at the dentist office, show how cleaning your teeth helps, not hurts.

Power of A Kind Word

February 2019

Just a small reminder for both educators and parents alike about the power of our words. You know, I think we often forget to view our children as little humans...as smaller versions of ourselves with larger than life emotions. Sometimes those emotions can overtake them and they react. Sometimes those reactions get rather taxing--but it is important to remember that in those moments is when you can really make the difference. Instead of fussing or "fighting fire with fire" as we've all heard before, try a different approach. 

Take a breath...speak in calm, low tones. Allow to express the way they feel in a safe environment. Gain their trust while also making sure you use the opportunity to teach them different outlets to use instead of outburst. Our words over our children have so much value...instead of tearing them down, we should use every second of the day to tell them how special they are and how much we love and value them. 

MUSIC Madness

March 2019

Everyone loves a good song, tune, beat etc. What we as educators and parents do not understand fully is how powerful music can be. Especially in a child's life. It is a perfect way to teach children skills that we would like them to know. Example: When wanting your child to transition from playing with their toys to getting ready for supper, you can sing the song "Clean Up". Starting to sing creates a fun atmosphere for the transition. He/ she will begin to move and sing and clean up with you to get the job done. Watch your voice levels and expressions when using singing and music as a tool for teaching children. Remember that words and phrases that rhyme are most likely to be remembered. And more importantly, just have fun!

Spring into Health

April 2019

I think every January, we create resolutions and swear that we will be smaller, healthier and happier by spring. It doesn't always work that...and it is okay! Why? Well....because now it is spring, and you can begin again. The weather is finally warm and the sun is shining bright. Lets now focus on being healthier--and one way to start is by keeping water for you and your little ones. 

If drinking water your least favorite thing to do try adding some flavor. 

A fun way to do this is to cut up fruit like lemons, pineapples, strawberries etc and dropping them directly in your bottle or in a water diffuser bottle ( Target has the best ones). You can also buy waters that come with natural flavors, our favorite is Deer Park brand! You can also drink sparkling waters if you need a little extra kick!

Which ever way you and your little ones like it, make sure you drink it. Stay hydrated in this heat :)

Spring Cleaning

May 2019

Not only does spring kick off healthy eating and exercise--it is also the time that we take to clear out all the heaviness of winter. One way to do that is through spring cleaning. This may feel like a task, but there are many ways you can make a fun learning activity for your child. 

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: The three R's that keep our planet healthy can also help your spring cleaning run smooth. Create three piles and sort using the three R's. The children will love helping sort things with you. 

2. Organize and Plan: Go room by room and sort through things that are not being used anymore and donate them to local organizations. Do not create a franken-pile...it will only stress you out in the end. By having a plan, you teach your children early organization skills. 

3. Breathe: Do not make this a chore! Have fun, relax and play a little. Take small breaks in between each room. Stretch with your children. Tell stories about the old items you find together...its all about creating moments and memories with your children. 

Raising Little Humans

June 2019

Living in our society now, social media reigns supreme. We are constantly scrolling through, liking and commenting on post, blogs, videos etc. We are always watching others lives through screens and judging our surroundings and lives based on what we see. Unfortunately, more times than we like to admit, we place those pressures on our children. 

I am speaking from pure experience-- especially since I am a first time mommy and an educator--the things I see and read sometimes makes me ask questions and set unrealistic goals for my daughter and my life. It is exhausting! I am learning now to take a step back and realize that she is a little human. Not just a 'child' or 'kid'-- no she is a human like me. She gets mad, she gets sad, just like me. Sometimes her day is amazing, and sometimes its yucky. And just like, at times I do not understand how to cope with my feelings, I have to remember that she doesn't either.

 Our little humans only have a couple of days, months, years of experience under their belts-- this beautiful world we live in can be really big for a little person. I urge you to take a moment and remember this when you are with your babies and toddlers. Do not forget that with a little patience, love and a kind word, you can diffuse any situation that you are facing. Help them navigate through this gigantic world with the love and support of the one they trust the most... YOU!

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